Frequently Asked Questions

What is BodyEngine?

BodyEngine is a web application that integrates cutting-edge software with proven fitness and nutritional science to monitor your fitness state and prepare an accurate diet plan to help you reach your optimal weight at your own pace. BodyEngine offers personalized weight management that is simple, fun, effective and FREE!

Is BodyEngine free?

BodyEngine is completely free for personal use. If you find BodyEngine helpful and would like to support future improvement we would appreciate your financial donation. If you are interested in using BodyEngine for commercial use, please contact us for more information.

Is the information presented by BodyEngine accurate and reliable?

Yes. The logic of BodyEngine is largely based on equations provided in the U.S. DRI (Dietary Reference Intakes) from National Academy of Sciences, which is considered the official standard for nutritional and dietary guidelines in the USA and Canada. The calculations cover multiple factors such as resting metabolic rate (RMR), estimated energy requirements (EER), fat mass to fat-free mass ratio (FM/FFM), physical activity (PA) coefficients, etc.

Is BodyEngine better than other fitness applications?

BodyEngine is different. The goal of the application is not only to provide solid and accurate numbers, but also to hide the vast complexity of scientific fitness calculations behind an intuitive and convenient user interface where all controls and tools are readily available at a fingertip.

Does BodyEngine share my personal information?

BodyEngine does not share any of your personal information unless you choose to do so yourself by posting your fitness goal on your Facebook wall.

Will my friends on Facebook see my personal information?

Your friends will see your personal information only if you choose to share it. You can choose to share as much information as you feel comfortable or none at all.

How do I set my current and goal weight?

You can set your weight by dragging and dropping the current and goal weight sliders shown on the weight chart.

How do I adjust the number of calories I need to consume every day?

Your daily caloric intake is determined based on your age, gender, height, activity level, and you goal weight. If you want to lower or increase the number of calories, move your goal weight and goal date on the chart until the desired calories limit is shown on your Daily Calories plate.

Does BodyEngine limit my diet choices to specific predefined meal plans or nutritional products?

Not at all. BodyEngine informs you how much you should eat based on your fitness state, while you are free to include any meals you like as long as the combined number of calories per day does not exceed the level recommended by BodyEngine.

Why did my goal weight change by itself?

If BodyEngine determines that your goal weight is not achievable in a safe way based on your current weight and activity level, it will automatically adjust the goal weight to the closest weight that is supported, safe, and feasible. In this case, you will notice that the goal weight label will be marked with the word "Limit".

Can BodyEngine help me to gain weight instead of losing or maintaining my current weight?

The highest number of calories displayed by BodyEngine is what is required to maintain your current weight. If you wish to "bulk up" and increase your weight a little (for example if you are a bodybuilder) you can consume a diet consisting of more calories than what BodyEngine recommends. After you have gained enough weight you can adjust your fitness goal in BodyEngine such that to either maintain your new weight or to reduce it a little down to a desired level.

What is BMI and how does BodyEngine measure it?

Body Mass Index is a standard measurement index of human body weight in relation to height. BodyEngine measures your current and goal BMI scores to assign your body weight into one of the five weight level categories: Underweight, Healthy, Overweight, Obese or Morbidly Obese. You can see your exact BMI scores on the fitness plan window.

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